Welcome to the NCCU Chapter of the MBA Association

What We Do

The MBA Association's purpose is two-fold: 1-to create social and professional networking opportunities for students, and 2- to serve as a liaison between faculty and students to address problems, correct deficiencies, and to ensure the continued success of the program. In doing so the Association has worked to sustain communication with students, built relationships with those in the community, increased alumni relations, and have created professional development opportunities.

We look forward to embarking with you on your journey!

Professional Tip of the Month!

When exploring companies for career opportunities check out the company's annual report -- it can either be found online or you can obtain it from a broker.

***One of the most important pieces of information is the CEO's letter which outlines the future direction of the business.

Check out these helpful news sites!

Wall Street Journal | Harvard Business Review | CNN | FOX News